3 Steps to avoid Back Pain

1. Take classes in physical fitness:

Many people find that physical fitness classes are a great way to exercise back and does not put a strain on existing back problems. While you do not want to push any kind of exercise to the point that you are experiencing severe pain, studies show that people with lower back pain who took physical fitness classes have experienced a significant decrease in their condition.

2. Calm down:

Keep your anger and stress under control, because that can cause back pain too. When you get anxiety or anger, your fight or flight instinct kicks in and that weakens your muscles tense up. A European study found that people with a higher chance of stress and anxiety are far more likely to suffer with back problems than those who are calm and relaxed.

3. Meditation:

Meditation can be a way to reduce back pain and it is really easy to do. Several scientific studies have proven that meditation can reduce chronic pain and in a study of specific back pain performed by Duke University, it has been found that people who do meditation can reduce pain by as much as forty percent. 

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Joel - Sep 29, 2019, 11:12 PM - Add Reply

By using cold water and aboliki Herbal to rub your back

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