3 Tips to reduce your Back Pain

1. Check your weight:

A lot of people suffer from backaches all their lives up to, that is, they lose a little weight. If you are overweight, you are putting extra pressure on your back all day long and that is bound to cause back pain. The answer to all your back problems can be as simple as losing some pounds.

2. Hot and cold treatment:

Whether applying heat or cold to your back reduces your back pain depending on what actually causes pain in the first place. So, for minor back problems, experimenting with the same and see what works best for you. As a general rule, applying something cool, like an ice pack, reduces inflammation, while applying something hot, like a hot water bottle, decreases muscle spasms and cramps.

3. Strengthen your core:

If your core muscles, such as your abs, are not strong enough to support you properly when you stand, it will cause lower back pain. The core muscles do not usually get enough exercise during the average day, so adding some more core strengthening exercises to your workout may be a way of reducing your back pain. 

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