About Us

Entblog.co  is a multi-publisher news and entertainment community, an online source to get breaking world news on business, sports, technology, lifestyle and more. videos, photos and interviews.

Entblog.co is an interactive online news community comprising users from all over the world who come together share their opinion about breaking/trending news.

How does this work?

As an Entblog community member, you have exclusive rights to make respectful comments  on news you read on our portal. Comments must relate to news context.

All users on this platform must understand that the opinions reflected in the comments given to any news DOES NOT reflect the views of Entblog.co. 

What is more?

We reward all our members for actively participating in the community by sharing their views on news posted daily in form of comments. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How many News can i comment on everyday? No limits.

My comment was deleted and i lost money? All comments on our network are manually moderated by our staffs. Repeated or meaningless comments will be deleted and so will user lose the reward given.

Is there a withdrawal limit? No limits.

How often can I withdraw? As soon as you hit your minimum withdrawal.

When will I get paid? All payments are processed from the 1st – 10th of every month.

What kind of Comments are allowed? We accept and approve any comment, as long as it is not spam or entirely unrelated to the news.

What is the breakdown of your reward for activities? Our reward algorithm is not fixed. It gets very high and also could get a bit low too. But be rest assured that we are generous about rewarding our members. You could see how much you were rewarded with for any activity by going to “MY EARNINGS” page.


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