Celine Dion shoots down dating rumors, plus more news

Celine Dion shoots down dating rumors, plus more news

The last time Celine Dion staged a world tour, her husband, Rene, was still alive to support her. She announced this week she plans to get back on the road with her "Courage" tour, telling "Extra" that while Rene is no longer with her physically, she has been leaning on another special someone, Pepe Munoz.

She also told the outlet the two are not dating despite rumors to the contrary. "At first, I felt for him quite a bit … Pepe is gay, and at first I think some people did not know that," she said. "The thing is that he's my best friend and we dance together and he did so much for me and even just holding my hand… it's something that I haven't had for a long time… A hug from a 6' 3" man, it was wonderful… and people really thought there was a romance going on."

She went on to praise Pepe for his support, saying, "He did so much for me, for my mental health, my spirituality, my strength … my inner strength." As for her late husband, who died in 2016, Celine says she knows "Rene's with" her and her sons when they all go to bed at night.

He'll be with her on tour in a sense, too, courtesy of the venture's "Courage" title. "It was a challenge to go back onstage," Celine admits. "I didn't know if I was going to have the strength and the courage to sing again because Rene always sang with me. Rene was my second half."

Source: Msn.com