Freelance For Coins Review – Scam Or Not?

Freelance For Coins Review – Scam Or Not?

Freelance For Coins is very new website for freelancers (independent worker) and clients (people who want to hire others to work for them) to connect and work together.

This website is very new and is just about 36 days old currently. It allows anyone from any country to work from home and earn a living or hire an independent worker from anywhere in the world to work for them. This website also seems to be operating from Germany.

What Does It Mean To Be A Freelancer?
Just for anyone who is newbie and does not really know what a Freelancer is, I would like to explain a bit more here before we move on, although I have touched it a little above.

A freelancer is one who is working independently for anyone who has a job for him based on contract, without getting permanently employed. This freelancer is free to end the contract and stop working for the employer at any time he wants.

He is not entitled to work for only one person, and he can be working for more than one person at a time. It is not the employers business. Most freelancers find jobs through freelance websites and there are a lot of them. However some freelancers also have personal websites where anyone can hire them from.

How FreelanceForCoins Works

For Clients or Job Posters

1. Sign up on their website. All you need is a username, email address, and a password to sign up.

2. Create an offer or post your project.

3. Wait for the project to be moderated and approved.

4. Accept bids on your project and chose your freelancer.

5. Verify and approve that your work is completed and pay the freelancer.

You can rinse and repeat when you have more jobs.

For Freelancers or Independent Workers

  1. Sign up on their website
  2. Bid on any project or work that you think you can complete.
  3. Get Hired and then complete the work.
  4. Submit your work and client verifies that work is complete to his satisfaction.
  5. Clients payment is released to you and you earn it.

You can rinse and repeat when you need more jobs.

You can get paid with almost any crypto currency. That is almost the meaning of “freelance for coins” or at least the reason they named it that way. Below you can get a glimpse of some of the coins you can request payment in.

Although FreelanceForCoins is still a brand new website, these dudes have a lot of plan in store, to help their website grow and improve the usability. They have plans to add a lot of new features. One of the features that is clear on their home page is the affiliate program, which I will talk about later.

Here are some of the plans they have already completed and is functional on their website.

1. Allowing users to publish and edit projects on their platform.

2. Allowing users to bid on projects.

4. Allowing users to bid on offers.

5. Allowing users to chat within the system. Clients can chat with their freelancer in a live chat, casually. This is very great for communication between the two, while the project is going on.

6. Ability for freelancers to attach invoice.

7. Ability for clients to pay at hourly/fixed rates or freelancers to work and get paid at hourly/fixed rates.

8. An affiliate program that pays you $2 for referring users. (I will talk more about in few seconds)

9. Filtering offers in categories.

10. Receive your notifications in a better way.

11. Reminders for invoices with scope and time limits.

To me, these completed features are already very great, but they still have more in store.

New features yet to be implemented on the roadmap.

Ability to manage your projects better.

Ability to review and rate clients and freelancers.

Ability to give feedback anonymously.

Ability to integrate social profiles like linkedin, github, reddit,

Detect transactions automatically without having to manually check the block explorers.

and few more coming…

Affiliate Program

FreelanceForCoins is paying $2 for anyone to refer clients to their website who will come there and post jobs. The clients simply sign up on the website through your link. All that is required to have a qualified referral and get paid your $2 is for your referral to sign up and post a job or offer on the website and it gets approved by the moderators.

As simple as that. This is an opportunity that anyone can use. It’s is very easy to find people like this. You can find lots of potential referrals on many other freelance websites. Just convince them to come to FreelanceForCoins and post the same job offer.

Is FreelanceForCoins Scam or Not?

FreelanceForCoins, this very new website has a trust rating of 55% on scamadviser. I presume it is because this website is still new, and just about 1 month old. With time, the trust rating should increase very much. Website alexa ranking currently is about 1,545,245, but I guess it is because this website is still very new.

There are currently no reviews on TrustPilot and NetBusinessRating about FreelanceForCoins because the project is not yet well known.

I think FreelanceForCoins is legitimate but is just brand new, and needs more users, and exposure.

Another advantage is that it will be pretty easy to get approved for jobs here if you are a freelancer, as the website is still very new.
You can take this opportunity and get yourself started with freelancing, then build your portfolios. The more portfolio you have, the more you can please clients and stand a better chance to land more jobs.