Fruits and Vegetable Peel Protects Health

Do you know that there are a lot of nutritious vegetables and fruits as well as their peels that are good for your health? The peels that you consider, as waste and throw away are all filled with a lot of properties which are also good for your health. If you eat cucumber or apple next time, do not forget to eat their peel or skin too. 

Let us know which properties are hidden in the peels. Soluble fiber is found in apple peels, which help in reducing bad cholesterol and blood sugar levels found in the body. In the vegetable Brinjal, there is antioxidant that strengthens the brain cells. When you eat it in excess, your weight will also be lowered. 

It is true that grapes contain heavy amounts of pesticides. However, you should not remove its peel. Resveratrol is found in its peel which is considered to be good for the heart. Iron, fiber and folate are found in potato peels more than grapes. Along with this, there are also five to ten times more antioxidants. When you eat with peel, you get calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin A. 

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