I believe that most of us are aware of the then Nigerian reality show called The ultimate search also known as GUS which was sponsored by Nigerian Breweries Plc and is wondering why it was suspended but haven't really stopped to think about it. If I should go in details how the search all started, it was first premiered in 2004 with the winner emerging with a cash prize of 5million naira and an SUV with an addition of 500,000 naira. But the last two GUS ended with the winner taking home a 10million naira cash prize and a Ford explorer car. 
According to a dependable source, GUS was suspended following the massive fraud that engulfed it each year by some top staff in the Nigerian Breweries who took advantage of the show to syphon money from the company. 
Notwithstanding this, GUS for me was the most adventurous, educative, fascinating, intriguing, and taught more than other reality shows could both mentally and physically, especially the famous show now on air known as the BBN. 
What does this so-called 'Big Brother Naija' teaches? Why are our youths engrossed in the practice of sexuality? Is the grand prize so big that you lose your worth in the eyes of the world? Are you so jobless that you dedicate most of your hours to watching people live fake lives and make fool of themselves?
At the end of the day a cash prize of 60million naira is given to the most voted for. 😒 . Nigerians! When would we have sense? We've totally lost it! It is appalling to have such reality show displaying a show of shame coupled with the country's palava. 
I am writing this not because I hate the whole idea of the Big Brother Naija but because Nigerians have refused to use their God's given talent for something more creative. Let's all ask for understanding, we need it.

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