How to come up with a great idea for starting up a great selling application?

This article is helpful for those who want to make new applications or for professionals who are already working on developing their applications. I tried to make it easy to apply and I wish this article helps you, so I can pay my share to great programmers who made my life better through their hard efforts.

First, let us see what I mean by application :


"a program or piece of software designed to fulfill a particular purpose."

As said above, what you make should fulfill a particular purpose and according to the question - in the title - great selling is the purpose.

So now we are on the same page and you will see where you can use the tips I provide on the following topics.

It's always about solving a problem.

When you think about the idea you have or finding a new idea, always remember that it must solve a problem which already exists. This simple mentality can help you sell and when you want to aim for big great sales you should reach people who already know about the problem you are going to solve and more importantly they are aware that it can be solved!

When it comes to sales I really get excited and millions of ideas cycle around my head. And as I want this article to stay simple I will share the simplest ones with you.

1. Its aimed for great sales so 'Know Your Market First'

When you are making an application from scratch, you have this opportunity to pick the biggest possible market in the world. As it is demonstrated here, 35% of the people in the world are either below 15 or over 65 years old, which gives you 65% of the world to count on.

You may ask me what to do with this 65% of the world? We are talking about 5 billion people! At this exact moment, I want you to think about this huge market and I also want you to choose your share in the market by answering this simple question :

What is the most common problem in these 5 billion people that we can solveI ?

The better you answer to the question is, the greater your application sales will be. Obviously coming up with an idea about solving 5 billion people's problem with software is a huge thing.

Now you may guess why Bill Gates is so rich

before getting to number 2, I want you to think about "What is the most common problem in 65% of people in the world ?" again. Who knows, maybe you are the lucky person who can help the world be a better place.

2. Try to filter your market.

Make it smaller by specifying the age range, gender, and some other factors. But, follow a very very important rule :

Do not aim 5 years above nor 5 years below your age !

One of the common problems that I saw in my consulting sessions was that my clients were talking about imaginary problems that people face in their lives. To make it more clear, look at this concept this way: " When you are 25 years old, you have some problems which you are aware of, and you have many friends in your age who share the same problem with you. So you probably have a good opinion about what you and your friends are facing. If you remember your 20s, you probably remember many problems that could be solved by software too. But your problems on your 15 may not exist anymore."

3. Follow pre-selection rule.

One of the simplest ways of filtering your market is following the footprints of the users of the applications which are selling great. Don't get me wrong, we are not talking about stealing their ideas. Choose 10 applications which are selling the most in your filtered category and become their member. Now, try to use the applications. You must face many problems while using them. write down a list and see if your new application can solve any of these problems.

4. Add quality, speed or both if not possible make it more simple.

The topic is obvious enough, with the tips I mentioned above, look at your surroundings, read news and listen to people, there are tons of ideas sitting down there, waiting for you to chose them and give them life.

I will provide you with more tips and perspectives about how to brainstorm each field soon. If there is any ideas, comments or questions about the related subjects, don't hesitate to contact me.


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