How to last long in bed...

Here are basic tips on how to last longer in bed..

  1. Start by kissing, it helps to build up confidence in you and your partner
  2. If you are a male, start by sucking the breast of the female or either they fingering or eating the vigina. Make sure she is enjoying it and the same goes for the females too..
  3. Make sure all this are done for like 30-35 minutes before you proceed into penis plesing...
  4. When you feel she has had enough, you can now proceed into stage 3 which is the penis pleasing. If you are not an expert in lasting long in bed, do worry, stage 1 and 2 already got you covered and for stage 3, choose a sex position that is well suitable for your and when having sex try to slow down the hitting and also try to control your thoughts so that ejaculation will not commence so soon..

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