Learn the basics of knitting to make your first crafts ;)

Short tip on how to start casting knits and stitches 

This tip will be useful for someone who wants to learn how to basically knit and cast stitches when knitting yarn.

This is how to knit and cast knit and stitches :

In the first step , make sure you have to knit rows . 

Hold the needle with stitches in left hand insert point of right needle in first stitch from front to back and cast on .

Then put your right index finger , bring yarn from ball under and over point of the right needle.

Draw yarn through stitch with right needle point . 

Pull out palm from the yarn.

Loop around your needle (knitting needle) to make another cast knit and stitches.

Pull loop tight by pulling in your working yarn.

You're all done! You have successfully cast on your first stitch.

Go back to the first step , repeatively follow the steps and then you can create stitches like this.

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