Make money just to socialize with others

There are still websites existed to pay you as you meet new people , sharing your thoughts and interacting with other members online. These sites will not make a stable income but you can still get paid and it still works to socialize with online members to ask something that search engines did not give you answers.

This websites and apps that enable you to do in order to be get paid online :

This app named WowApp you have to connect to your new friends anywhere in the world.

Download the wowapp and start to meet members that are also getting paid through in this app.

I'm not a member to all of these websites but i would be glad to share this little info.

Go in the app SnippetMedia where you can enjoy watching videos and meet new friends then you need to download this app to redeem rewards like free load and there's a lot of vouchers to get .

In the website named Empower is a paid to socialize to other members online .

This site will pay you to interact with other people and you can status updates in your account .

Make sure that you have a bicoin wallet to earn rewards .

This social blogging website can also make you money if you create your own blog posts in any topic

you would like and you will be getting paid in bitcoins if you have a bitcoin wallet .

Here's an extra website where you can post updates and work at your comfortable home or anywhere .

Post social media updates and get paid as a Virtual Assistant in a social media marketing network .


The Most Leading Social Media Websites People Still Using


There's a lot of people using these websites for everyday , work , recreation or they just want to be popular and gather other peoples attention . Everybody uses these to connect with their online friends and to contact relatives anywhere easily . These social media sites are still using because they offer a lot of new feautures

and everyone would like to give it a try .

Here there are websites that many people will continue to interact with people they know :

Facebook - Still in demand social media . The most used social networking websites and facebook has millions of people who uses this social media anywhere worldwide . You can also make your status updates , click the like , comment and share buttons, play games ,watch videos and to make your new online friends in this site . 

Twitter - in this website , you can follow your favorite brands , personalities , news or anythingyou want to follow. Make your tweets to update your twiiter account. There are number of people who still using this

as a social media networking website .

Instagram - Maybe this website is the second to facebook most used popular social medias out there .

You can post status updates just by post your photos and a few description all about your photos

and also you can follow your own interests in this social media platform . Download the app also to make your status updates in your account . But you can see it's good that they have launched their website in desktop and you can signup to make your account and follow your interests . 

Youtube - The people who wants to be known used this to show their craft online and they have

to upload their videos and get thousands of views and subscribers  . In this social media website , you can watch any videos you may like and you can find videos about anything interests you , watch movies and to watch viral videos .

Snapchat - This mobile app is used to also by online users and they can also upload their images and update their snapchat account . You have to download the app first to access this social media networks.

You don't need to worry if you use these social media websites in a good way that all of us may enjoy these websites without committing to any cybercriminal liability and that's good also in our life . 




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Nasiru Habeeb - Oct 15, 2019, 5:13 PM - Add Reply

These are the best ways of making money
It's an expensive advise for those that have the opportunity to person one or the other among those apps an website
Thanks for the advice

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