Retracing Steps - Episode I

It was past 12 in the middle of a harmattan night. The night seemed long and unusually cold. Maria glanced at her window which was covered with frost. All she wanted to see was the brightest star. For once, she never believed stars actually granted wishes. For her, stories about stars granting wishes were all myths. All she believed in was hard work. Though she liked to believe that someone somewhere might hear her. Captured in her thoughts, she barely noticed the sound of heavy footsteps. Turning toward the direction of her creaking door, she jumped off her bed and into the closet and peeked out through the holes only to see someone she would never have expected to appear under the circumstances, the KingPin; Mr Bero with his right- hand man Hakim. Maria was terrified that she wished she had earlier believed in the stars to make a wish that moment and see if something miraculous happened. She never had an inkling that Mr Bero would ever find out where she lived. And Hakim! Who always pushed her patience past the breaking point, she had hated him since the beginning she'd met him and hated the fact that Mr Bero only listened to him.

In the past Maria had engaged in some business transactions with Mr Bero by helping him sell illicit drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, nicotine, codeine and other narcotics. She had been caught on several occasions but had a smart way of getting out. Though the last occasion was different, she couldn’t escape the police. It all went down to jail by serving a seven years sentence. During this sentence, neither Mr Bero nor Hakim visited her whom she believed had the powers to have dissolved everything before ending up behind bars. Apparently, she was abandoned for seven good years. However, Maria had made up her mind never to go back to selling drugs which meant her disconnection with Mr Bero. For Mr Bero, in his words “it is either you’re in or dead.” His thought was that, if an agent was caught he was likely to give out valuable information which would help the authorities haunt him down. He knew Maria had such information in her possession. But one thing he didn’t know was her staunch service to him until he abandoned her in prison. While in detention, Maria had a tough time keeping away from drugs and no one wanted to mingle with a drug dealer and a schizophrenic. She was taken to a rehabilitation center while serving her sentence. And this time, she knew he had come for something, and that was to eliminate her and take the documents.

Moonlight drifted in through the window and she was able to see clearly.
“It is obvious you gave the wrong address.” Said Mr Bero glaring at Hakim.

“I came to check for myself after Sir P told me this was the place, I’m certain she lives here chief.” Replied Hakim.

Still in the closet, Maria recalled how she had approached a policeman and disclosed Mr Bero’s secrets, not knowing he actually went behind her and contacted him. He was the only person she had told about the situation on ground. Sir P began to act strange since she refused giving him the documents. Little wonder Hakim got to know about her hide out. “Sir P is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” She declared.


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