The Love of a Mother is Enormous

When we are talking about ‘International Women’s Day’, I think, it will be very much appropriate on my part to speak about ‘mother’. ’The love of a mother is unique and never disappears. Have you ever wondered how mothers can feel something so intense towards their children? It is precisely such a pure and natural feeling that many times, it escapes our own understanding. 

When we are little, it is often difficult for us to understand the great love our mothers have for us. It is a feeling that simply seems natural to us, but we do not understand it. As we grow up, we realize that a mother's love is unique and is able to overcome any other feeling in the world. 

This understanding comes at some point. So, to be a woman and have the luck to be moms at some point in their lives is really great. Right at that moment we realize that there is nothing in the world like the love of a mother and we begin to understand how our mothers have lived all this time. 

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