When starts your life

When is the perfect time to start your life? Some can say that the life of every human starts in the belly of your mother, when two hearts get unite in the blissfull way of marriage, when they are so passionately in love and prepared to bring a new person in the world. When they are mature enough to have their jobs, their home ready for a baby. So it should be. Cause a loving married couple, ready to have their first baby is the most indicate case to start a life. Cause just in a unite happy familly, a child  or more can start his or her life.

        And the happy familly discover one day that the wife will have over nine months a new-born. They are happy, preparing already the room for the baby. They are so happy, they would tell this big news to all their families and maybe, if they have enough money will throw a party to help others hear this great news in a more greatfull manner. If they aren't wealthy enough will bring their families in the house at a small dinner or maybe a tea and cookies. 

    Then, the couple make efforts that the nine months pass good for the future mother and since they know the sex of their future baby, they'll finish up the baby room, buying, his or her clothes and toys. And this arrangements are the happiest in the life of a couple, feeling gratefull for this new life in their way to the happiness.

                     This is the happiest way to start your life: when your parents get married and work to bring you in the world. So it is for me, my dear new readers, if I'll have such a happiness that some one could like my little article of starting his or her life.

         Another case of starting your life is when you start the kindergarden and then, first twelve tasks of life: the school life: 

      The child is happy that will start the school, is helped by his or her parents to make the preparatives for school from the summer before start the school. Is so happy because he or she knows that will be surrounded by girls and boys of his or her age, that will have teachers and that with the time passes, he or she will have the sufficient knowledge to start a new etape in his or her life.

     Another way to start your life is when you finish the 8 grade or 12. Even if are two different etapes, the child now a beautifull highschool girl or boy is happy that has grown in such time and manners and hopes that will have more gratefull time that that he or she passed of! 

      Another way to start your life is when, some are graduating the last task of school but enjoy his time of 6 free months before start a job or others make the faculty before the time of their job, or others can't find a job of their own so start to find a job with the help of the internet: some become successfull but some got very tangled in the dangerous ways of winning some money: some become vicious, some got just debts, or loose their time and hopes without even start their work from home with the internet help!

    It is so complicated to find a secure way to winn some cash in this life that starting your life become for some a big obsession or for other a happiness while they go to their dream job or home to their families: some get marryed, some enjoy the start of a new family, some get workaholic, some become sick without have a job or others travel the earth in the search for their happiness!

     Such are the positive aspects of starting your life. If this article helped you face your life, to motivate you, I'm very glad of it. If was a good story to read, the same. If not, i hope that my future articles to be more interesting. Feel free to comment or if not, to read this little new article.

     I wish to you all a good life! 



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