Why buy followers?

Attention please! I need your attention.

Could you spare me a few minutes of your time? I want to ramble on something important and I have a question for you, quite obvious.

Why do you buy followers? Oh ye sosho midia uzas and influencers this is for you.

Do you know that you actually don't need those fake followers you're buying?

One thing you fail to realise is that buying followers is not worth it and can never be compared to real followers that are active, engaging and most importantly, your peculiar audience. You are a Nigerian and your followers are whites? How? I'm not saying you can't have foreign followers, probably from explore or friends and relies from abroad, but the majority of your followers is supposedly Nigerians. Why?

You live in Nigeria, you work in Nigeria, you've spent most of your time here and you probably have a wide connection here so, why is Jackie Chan and Li Wei following you?

Sometimes the names can't be pronounced. These people can't relate with your content. Did I just say people? They are just accounts maybe...
People don't just follow for follow, they follow because they can relate with your content; you serve them better.

Remember It is demographic and provincial
Your content is simply the gateway. What does Chen Yang know about afropromng(link)? Who is Chen Yang? (I don't know o)

It is stress
Your followers also reflect on the likes you get i.e. engagements with them. How can you have a ton of followers and only a quarter of them engages with your posts? Are you kidding me? So you mean with 100k followers you get 14 likes O comments? That is a social media disaster. You're banished!

It is understandable if you don't have followers but if you do, weldone. That takes you on another journey of buying likes and engagements. Quick question, why are you stressing yourself? I don't know how it is done but it is stress. You're yet to realize that your content is the key that will open the doors to real followers. Don't stress yourself.

It is obvious
What's the first thing you look out for when visiting someone's social media profile the first time? For me, it's the posts. It's so easy to spot a fake followers account. Just check the followers list and likes, they don't mirror.

My assumptions on why people buy followers
• You need some reputation for your page? Earn it.
• You want to market something? Wait, to fake followers? I'm dead.
• If it is to influence, you can't influence anything or anybody. Besides these followers cannot engage with your content. It's the same as talking to a wall.

I think people that buy followers are impatient, they can't wait to build their followers and later resort to shortcuts but they lose their credibility in the process. Getting your followers gradually is 100% worth it. Instead of buying followers I'd suggest you run ads, interact, do giveaways, spring up relatable stuff and overall, make HD content.

I still remember when I was in secondary school and my juniors thought I bought followers because I had the highest number of followers on Instagram amongst my peers then. Those SMH days, I can't stress myself.

Some people have etched their reputation into this follow game and it isn't helpful. I also recur an incident, also in secondary school, when a teacher asked one of my juniors if he was on Instagram and he replied happily, "Yes, with 20 followers!" The teacher asked, "Twenty followers and you're proud to say it?" I bursted into laughter in the background, I tried to fit it in my palm. He went calm, that was probably an embarassing moment for the poor boy. He's quite too young to be pressured about followers. Who followers epp?

The numbers are not a priority, the impact your content has, is, and that goes a long way.

On the other hand, some people won't follow you because you don't have followers, neglecting your content. Some think that if you don't have a wide audience then you've got nothing to offer, which is somewhat true- likely. In this case, you're failing to do something on your side. It's either you don't post often, you aren't running ads or your content is actually zero.

Your Avi can't even attract a blind man, how bad is it? Your bio still reads, "Bio under construction." Shett mehn! That's a no-no. I'm afraid this part I'm about to delve in could take a toll on me, but I've started it anyway, why start something you can't finish? Mehh

Imagine you're on the road driving and the car in front of you is slow and not moving at your pace. What will you do? You want to overtake. You unfollow the driver. Why? (you know the answer)

Everything requires a strategy. You want followers? I bet you need a strategy coupled with a structure. I don't even see the difference

That's why there are social media strategists that can handle your accounts and get you real and active followers, not fake followers.
My point is, garnish your content, have a style, stick to it and attract the people you want. And if you're thinking of buying followers, save that money, there are better options.

Okay, I'm done rambling. Please extend your attention to the comment box. I always love what you have to say, don't go ghost on me.

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